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    The CIRCLE SERIES 8 line has been conceived and designed to respond to installations with a high level of use and to respond to demanding users and first level athletes who perform high intensity training, this line is designed with durability in mind, only to meet your needs but to exceed your expectations.On the level of structure this line stands out for its ultra-resistant chassis that also has a special anti-corrosion treatment with a polyester paint finish at high hardness of 200º to avoid possible scratches and that facilitates cleaning All mobile mechanisms such as shafts, bearings, etc. are protected by housings that guarantee the safety of the user and, in addition, prevent the entry of dirt, sweat and liquids that can impair the correct functioning of the machinery. Material used in the handlebars is high density rubber without pores, avoiding its degradation since we avoid the entry of sweat. Given the importance of maintaining a good level of hydration during training, all machines incorporate bottle holder.
    It is a new line that incorporates the maximum technology. This machine has a capacitive 16-inch high-contrast TFT touch screen for comfortable reading of exercise indicators and Smart TV viewing. The E-PLUS monitor stands out for the ease of use thanks to a highly intuitive software, which allows access to the use of the machine by pressing a single button, without the need for any type of programming. The information on the entire screen can be viewed in 15 different languages ​​by selecting them from the main screen. The screen selection icons are large format for easy use and also has auxiliary controls on the grips to manipulate the training parameters from the working position without the need to release the grips. The treadmills also have 2 joysticks on the side arms. It has an internet connection via wifi with direct access to different applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, etc … to facilitate its use to customers. It incorporates multiple pre-established training programs, among which are those of Cardiac Pulse Control, the Fat Burning program, the Aerobic program, the Performance program and the Personalizable program. Its powerful software allows you to perform the exercise visualizing up to 12 different virtual routes doing it in an interactive way or following the program that has been chosen previously. In addition, the user can track their progress by performing the Physical Test program that incorporates. Once the exercise is finished, the training parameters can be saved in an external storage device (USB). The USB connection allows the recharge of mobile devices.

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